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Is Your Business Protected From An Ada Lawsuit

Call Building Principles and get the peace of mind of being ADA compliant, call one of our Certified Access Specialists today.

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ADA Lawsuit

Can You Afford Not To Be Protected

Don't be blindsided by a lawsuit, prevention is key

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At Building Principles we give you peace of mind

Having this certificate provides more than just protection against frivolous ADA lawsuits
It shows compassion for the more than 20% of Disabled Americans that are potential customers.
It assures the disabled community that they are welcome inside your place of business (a feeling that is not always conveyed).
Get the peace of mind that comes with being compliant with the current ADA requirements. A Certified Access Specialist can help.

Building Principles ADA Compliance

Our Expertise

We have helped many businesses get ADA compliant as well as had cases dropped from clients already involved in a lawsuit. Call today and schedule a free consultation.


Get Your Business Protected

getting your business compliant can save you thousands from costly ada lawsuits

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